Margarette Nerette is currently the Vice-President of 1199 SEIU Florida. Her union represents about 30,000 Healthcare workers in the State of Florida. She has over 20 years of experience in organizing, social justice, advocacy and representing workers. 

Born in Haiti, Margarette started her career with unions in her country after the end of the dictatorship regime in the 80s.  She then became a member of the political movement “Solidarite Ant Jèn (SAJ) Veye Yo”.  After she moved in the United States in 1993, she became immensely engaged in the Haitian community of Miami.  She was among those who expended SAJ Veye Yo in the Haitian Diaspora. 

In the U.S, as a single mother of three, Margarette entered the medical field as a CNA where she started working in a nursing home.  This is how she joined 1199SEIU as a member in 1999.  A year later, she became the union’s delegate of her nursing home. In 2004, she was selected as the Member Organizer (MO) for Local11 which had merged with 32BJ. Due to her leadership and organizing skills, Margarette got promoted very fast within the union’s leadership team: from Member Organizer, to Organizer and to Lead Organizer.  In 2015, she was elected as Vice-President for the Nursing Home Division.

Margarette Nerette is the co-founder of the Miramar Haitian-American Residents and Business Owners (MHARBO) founded in 2019.  She is currently serving as the Advisor of the Board for MHARBO. 

Margarette is a hard working woman passionate about justice, equality and good job for all workers.  Despite her busy schedule, she dedicates her free time to advocate on behalf of her beloved country, Haiti.