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An amazing community of mission-driven volunteers makes a difference in the lives of thousands of Floridians each year by supporting FLIC’s naturalization and legal support clinics, our community events and civic engagement activities.

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Immigration clinics team
Support our naturalization, TPS, and legal screening clinics. Volunteers work as interpreters, greet and check-in clients, and complete USCIS forms. Volunteer attorneys (licensed and in good standing) also help to review forms and provide legal advice.
Community building team
We always have an event near you! Volunteers help to prepare event logistics, confirm attendance, welcome attendees, work as interpreters, and more.
Civic engagement team
An engaged community has power! Our civic engagement volunteers help to make sure that our neighbors are informed about federal, state, and local governance. They also help our non-partisan campaign by educating and motivating voters to participate in upcoming elections.
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