Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) is a hub for a bold, agile, and strategic social movement to protect Florida immigrants

FLIC is a statewide coalition of 83 member organizations and over 100 allies, founded in 1998 and formally incorporated in 2004. We are led by our membership, including grassroots and community organizations, farmworkers, youth, advocates, lawyers, union members, and more.

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We work together for the fair treatment of all people, including immigrants. With staff in six counties and members throughout Florida, FLIC’s leadership builds depth in local communities, breadth for statewide reach, and national alignment. Our unique power-building model has contributed to our movement’s cohesion, direction, and impact. In a short period and with a modest investment, we’ve evolved from episodic, tactical mobilizations to a more sophisticated, strategic, and impactful organization. While still emerging, we have become a growing force in Florida.


561 NE 79th Street, Suite 400,
Miami, FL 33138

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