About FLIC

About FLIC

Florida Immigrant Coalition is a hub for a bold, agile, and strategic social movement to protect Florida immigrants

The Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) is a statewide coalition of more than 65 member organizations and over 100 allies, founded in 1998 and formally incorporated in 2004. We are led by our membership, including grassroots and community organizations, farmworkers, youth, advocates, lawyers, union members, and more.

We work together for the fair treatment of all people, including immigrants. With staff in six counties and members throughout Florida, FLIC’s leadership builds depth in local communities, breadth for statewide reach, and national alignment.

Our unique power-building model has contributed to our movement’s cohesion, direction, and impact. In a short period and with a modest investment, we’ve evolved from episodic, tactical mobilizations to a more sophisticated, strategic, and impactful organization. While still emerging, we have become a growing force in Florida.


Our mission to grow the connection, capacity and consciousness of communities to strengthen pro-immigrant power in Florida is so we may envision a Florida that is a true home for immigrants and all.

Reclaim governance to improve quality of life

  • Connect and integrate constituency organizing, issue campaigns, and communications strategy to win politics and policy that improves our lives.
  • Achieve Federal Relief: Use local work on federal reform to connect the dots towards local and state changes that we are aiming for.
  • County by county, FLIC members, together with allies, will define a collective vision, a power-building strategy, and local campaigns.
  • Build a serious; resourced and winnable Drivers’ Licenses state legislative campaign as well as local detention/deportation defense efforts, including advancing municipal ID’s
  • Expand and inform the electorate thru scaled naturalization, voter registration, voter turnout, and candidate cultivation, engaging institutional partners. Building a conscious and active voting block.

Expand consciousness and communications to impact culture

  • Expand the reach of UWW by transforming its curriculum into creative digital organizing campaigns.
  • Build awareness with a global, multi-lingual, pro-Black vision and practice of grassroots feminism, and non-patriarchal governing power and culture. We recognize and realize our individual and collective power for mutual care, system, and culture change.
  • Communicate Values-based stories, personal testimonies, and visionary analysis. Counter-hegemonic (non-dominant) truth-telling, story-based testimonial communications, reflects the multiple identities we hold. We transform culture, by building consciousness of thought and intentionality of action individually and collectively.
  • We engage diverse messengers, co-creating with artists in residence, in-house scholars, Femmetorships, and other

Build a "Bigger we"

  • Support our people through expanded services: Clinics (such as naturalization, legal screening), Immigration hotline, English and civics classes, other services expand so that people can take advantage of any relief that becomes available
  • Expand individual membership: Ensure everyone coming to our events is engaged, with a special focus on Black Immigrants.
  • Make new friends: Engage unlikely allies to move issues forward.

Organizational sustainability

  • Continue to improve FLIC’s Financial and institutional sustainability
  • Put our house in order: Improve infrastructure, website, budgets, campaign plans, integrative model, narrative plans, leadership succession and organizational culture.

In gratitude

We are forever grateful to David Skovholt, Tomas Zamorano, Cheryl Little, Arthur Rosenberg, Juan Carlos Zapata, Margarita Zalamea, Troy Elder, Terry Coble, Lupe Lopez, Jose Lagos, Anna Fink, and the founding board members: Marlon Gonzalez, Lukner Millien, Elvira Menjivar, Marleine Bastien, Herman Martinez, Ernesto Sanchez, Winie Cantave, Winnie Tang, and many others we may have failed to mention who laid a solid foundation and vision for our work.


Allegany Franciscan Ministries • Catholic Legal Immigration Network • Chan Zuckerberg • Initiative DAF • Educational Foundation of America • Ford Foundation • Four Freedoms Fund • fwd.us Education Fund • GoodNation Foundation • Hill Snowdon Foundation • Hispanics in Philanthropy • J.M. Kaplan • Marguerite Casey Foundation • Miami Foundation • Momentum Fund • Mosaic Fund • National Partnership for New Americans • New Venture Fund • New World Foundation • NoVo Foundation • One America • Overbrook Foundation • Radical Imagination Family Foundation • Roblee Foundation • Susie Tompkins Buell Foundation • Tides Foundation • Unbound Philanthropy • Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock