Stephanie Alvarez

Stephanie is the daughter of Colombian and Peruvian immigrants. Originally from Queens, New York, she is currently based in Palm Beach County, FL. Stephanie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Florida Atlantic University with Majors in Political Science and Sociology. She also attained her two Master’s of Arts Degrees from FAU, her first being in Sociology and her second in Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies, with a concentration in Pornography and Ecofeminism. After graduating in 2018, she decided to leave academia to pursue a praxis approach to her work and joined the NextGen America team. She worked with NextGen to expand the youth vote in Florida for three years as Operations Director for the state and served as a member of the Juntos Steering Committee of NextGen America in 2020. In 2021, Stephanie worked as Deputy Operations Director for the Maya Wiley for Mayor of NYC campaign. She now joins FLIC as the Campaign Manager for the Civic Engagement Team.