Laura Muñoz

Director of Services

Laura Estefania Muñoz is a community organizer, survivor, and advocate for immigrant rights and gender justice. Born and raised in Colombia, Laura came to Miami in 2006 as an undocumented youth and graduated from the George Washington University in 2016 with a degree in International Affairs. She has organized survivors of sexual violence in efforts to end rape culture and envision nurturance culture. In 2017, Laura joined the Florida Immigrant Coalition to support the Voter Rights Restoration ballot initiative and continued to support the Civic Engagement program into the 2019 electoral cycle where she led efforts to register over 12,500 voters across Florida, organizing 15 voting parties and knocking on hundreds of doors. Since then Laura became the Hotline Manager and Volunteer Coordinator leading a program with over 4,000 calls and hundreds of volunteers. Laura is deeply connected to nature and enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog.