Angela Maria Locarno

Greater Orlando Regional Organizer

Ángela was born in the U.S. to Colombian immigrants and has lived most of her life in the state of Florida. She is a graduate of the University of Florida and received her Bachelor’s in Women Studies and minor in Latin American Studies. During her time at UF she was an active student leader and activist on campus . She was a director of a social justice organization and through this role found her passion for facilitating social justice education, specifically topics around the intersections of sexuality, gender, class, and race. Along with facilitation, she also has experience with conducting and archiving oral history through her involvement with the Samuel Proctor Oral History department at UF. Her work with FLIC involves creating political education content, supporting local justice alliances and campaigns, and facilitating workshops. Outside of work Angela is a podcast host, dancer, a part of a local chorus group, and a roller skater.