Charlene Francois is a child of Haitian immigrants, born and raised in the US. Charlene is dynamic: In addition to her role as the Worker-Owned Business Program Manager at Catalyst Miami, she is an artist who expresses through writing and dance.

She is a former member of the Haitian folklore dance troupe, Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, led by Weislande “Yanui” Cesar and was a performer in Miami New Drama’s production of Create Dangerously, a play adapted from the novel by Edwidge Danticat.

Charlene knows firsthand that authentic creative expression and economic stability are the pillars of a healthy and thriving society. This understanding motivates her to educate individuals about the potential of worker-owned businesses to create opportunities for better wages, work conditions, and personal empowerment. She is determined to redefine and reintroduce the idea of collective, prosperous, and sustainable business ownership, especially to those who have lost hope in it. She is optimistic about our ability to work towards a more equitable tomorrow and to live alongside one another in solidarity, respect, and reverence for one another.

Charlene is a graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York (BA, 2017), a participant of the agroecology course El Josco Bravo (Mayaguez, PR), and conversational in both Haitian Creole and Spanish. She understands her travels and experiences to have prepared her perfectly for where she is now, in Miami, where she strives to serve as a bridge between cultures.