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Immigration Enforcement Summit in Florida!

FLIC and the ACLU invite you to participate in our Immigration Enforcement Summit in Orlando, FL on Saturday, June 23rd

For several years now, we have been dealing with increased immigration enforcement in our communities leading to racial profiling by police, raids, detentions and deportations. The goal of the summit is to understand these  issues that are affecting us and strategize together on how to protect our communities statewide.

During the Summit, we will talk about…

  • Detention and Deportations
  • 287(g), Secure Communities and Racial Profiling
  • Know Your Rights trainings
  • Possible outcomes on the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s SB1070

… and much more

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Register online here

We are looking for participants who…

  • are doing enforcement or are thinking about doing enforcement work
  • are committed to continuing the work in their local regions after the summit.

Cost: All participants are asked to contribute $10 to cover the costs of the summit and their lunch.

You can apply for Scholarships or Carpool Incentives once you register

Also, you can Sponsor a Friend to help those who can’t afford the costs

For more information or to register via phone, contact:

Ron Bilbao, ACLU, rbilbao@aclufl.org, 786-363-2723 / Grey Torrico, FLIC, grey@floridaimmigrant.org, 239-571-7043

Miami-Dade Police Racially Profiles Latino Drivers in Homestead

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/33188026]


We Count! denounces racial profiling by Miami-Dade Police towards latino drivers in Homestead, South Florida. Many Latinos are being stopped by police officers for no reason other than the color of their skin. Some of them are citizens or legal permanent residents. Others are undocumented who end up being deported and separated from their families only for not having a drivers license, all due to ICE’s Secure Communities program.

Documenting these abuses is the first step to stop them!

A petition will be delivered on to the Miami-Dade Police Department asking them to stop racial profiling against Latinos.