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Lauderhill Citizenship Clinic

Are you eligible to become a citizen? Come to a free citizenship clinic and get your questions answered by legal experts who will assist with your application. Get answers to your questions and learn if you’re eligible for fee waivers to cover all or part of the cost of applying.

Free Citizenship Clinic

Are you eligible to become a citizen? Come to a free citizenship clinic and get your questions answered by legal experts who will assist with your application. Get answers to your questions and learn if you’re eligible for fee waivers to cover all or part of the cost of applying.

Univision: Canvassing for Immigration Reform

Univision broadcasts a Spanish-language video of our canvassing action at homes and small businesses in Mario-Diaz Balart’s district of Sweetwater on Day 2 of our South Florida Throwdown.

FLIC and our allies took to Sweetwater to demand the Mario Diaz Balart and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen take concrete actions to move Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship forward.

Visit the Univision website 

I urge you to volunteer your time

Guest post by Florida New Americans volunteer Stacy Dupre.

stacy-dupre-volunteer-fna-clinic-april-2013My name is Stacy.  I recently volunteered at a citizenship clinic with Florida New Americans.  It was my first time ever volunteering and I must say it was an amazing experience.

The atmosphere was welcoming and my co-volunteers were inviting, helpful and very friendly. They made me feel welcome.  I am of a shy nature and would not think about speaking in a crowd, but when I volunteered I felt so comfortable that I was able to speak to an audience.

This experience has been a healthy and rewarding part of my life, and I loved the experience so much that I will continue to volunteer.  This is a good way to become more sociable, learn new and interesting things, meet different people and most of all help others.  My first experience as a volunteer for the clinic will be a lasting memory.


So I urge individuals: volunteer your time.  It is worth it and you do feel good at the end of the day knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

And bring a friend along, be the one to pass on sure a privilege to them.  Trust me, there will be no regrets volunteering.

To register as a volunteer or client for the upcoming Citizenship Mega Workshop, click here.  Share with your friends, too!

New American helps future new Americans: an FNA guest post

Guest blog post for Florida New Americans by Renata Castro.

Renata Castro and FLIC

I don’t know if it was the fever from the flu that was about to take over me, or my sheer excitement of being part of something greater, but as a law student at Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad School of Law, and as a board member of the Immigration Law Organization at NSU Law, I was truly humbled by this amazing opportunity to volunteer at one of FLIC’s Citizenship drives.

When you become a law student, the process of studying law and memorizing an inhuman amount of rules, laws, and codes, can make you jaded about the profession and challenge your conviction on how much you can really help with a law degree.

Renata and Isabel, FNA volunteers


As a participant in FLIC’s citizenship clinic, I got “feverish” (I could not resist the take on words) about the positive impact a passionate and qualified immigration lawyer can have in their community. I felt honored as many individuals sat in front on me, and trusted me with their questions, and with their lives.

More humbling was the fact that they trusted me, my almost done legal training, our supervising attorneys, and the staff at FLIC, with being a part of each individual’s American Dream.  I should know. A little over two years ago, I became a US citizen myself.  It was a life-changing turning point in my life, and I couldn’t help feeling ecstatic about sharing the beginning of this moment with others.

FNA with State Representative Gwyn Clarke-ReedI also got the chance to meet with other community leaders, such as State Representative Gwyn Clarke-Reed, and the president of the Brazilian American Democratic Club, Isabel dos Santos, as well as the amazing staff at FLIC, Amber, Diana, Krystina.

I am looking forward to being a volunteer in the upcoming citizenship clinic on April 20th, and, hopefully, my fever this time will only be for the immigration cause!

Our Citizenship and FLDream legal clinics are back!

FLIC and several partner organizations are starting 2013 with a punch by organizing a major legal clinic in Miami to assist hundreds of legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrant youth in their path to becoming New Americans.

Kersti volunteers at Citizenship ClinicNext Saturday, January 26th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., we will be at FIU College of Law in South Miami with a Florida New Americans citizenship clinic and an FL Dream Deferred Action clinic. There will be dozens of lawyers and volunteers to help legal permanent residents and DREAMers with their applications.

Florida New Americans is a citizenship program launched by FLIC in 2012. Since then, we successfully celebrated 7 citizenship clinics in Downtown Miami, Little Haiti, North Miami, Homestead and Broward, assisting over 1000 permanent residents and finalizing nearly 700 citizenship applications. Saturday’s citizenship clinic is co-sponsored by FIU and Univision 23.

FLDream Undocumented BannerFL Dream is a campaign to help low-income undocumented youth apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), created in mid 2012 by SWER, Pico Florida, FIU, Americans for Immigrant Justice and the Florida Immigrant Coalition. Since then, FL Dream has organized 10 free legal clinics in Miami, Broward and Homestead, helping approximately 4,000 immigrant families and finalizing close to 1,000 applications.

How can you participate?

To apply for citizenship, check out our Florida New Americans website to know if you qualify, what documents you need to bring, and to schedule an appointment.

To apply for DACA, check out our FL Dream website to know if you qualify, what documents you need to bring, and to schedule an appointment.

This will be the first of several Citizenship and FL Dream clinics FLIC and our partners and friends, plan to host in Florida throughout the year.

We’ll keep you posted on new dates and locations.

Nation’s Mayors promote Citizenship

Nation’s Mayors Call for National “New Americans Initiative” To Assist 8 Million Immigrants Become U.S. Citizens

City of North Miami and the Florida Immigrant Coalition lead efforts in South Florida

At its 80th Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, the U.S. Conference of Mayors passed the New Americans Initiative Resolution to promote U.S. Citizenship at the federal, state, municipal and community level sponsored by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and co-sponsored by North Miami Mayor, Andre Pierre, among others.

The Resolution urges Mayors to create municipal initiatives that actively promote the value of U.S. citizenship and to assist immigrants with their naturalization applications. It also calls on the Federal Government to create a national “New Americans Initiative” to promote U.S. citizenship, and to reduce the barriers to naturalization, including cost (see fact sheet). Mayors also urged Congress to change its current requirement that all USCIS services, including U.S. citizenship, be funded fully from fees and to provide federal resources to support the costs of naturalization and promote U.S. citizenship.

There are currently over 8 million legal permanent residents (LPRs) in the United States who are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Florida is the fourth state in the country with the largest population of eligible green card holders, with a total of 710,000. However, only 619,000 (7.7%) applied for naturalization throughout the country in 2010 (see fact sheet).

For that reason, the Florida Immigrant Coalition launched earlier this year its program Florida New Americans, assisting immigrants in South Florida to naturalize. This effort is part of The National Partnership for New Americans which, through its “Become A Citizen Now” campaign, has assisted 5,880 immigrants and their children to become U.S. citizens across the country in the first five months of 2012.

This project helps us fulfill our goal of ensuring that immigrants in Florida are fully integrated in society, have opportunities to protect their rights and make their voices heard,” says Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director for the Florida Immigrant Coalition. FLIC collaborated with the City of North Miami and the Haitian Lawyers Association to organize a successful citizenship clinic in the month of May. “We are very proud of having the opportunity to work with the City of North Miami and we congratulate Mayor Pierre for taking leadership in this initiative that will advance the rights of Haitian and Latino immigrants in South Florida by helping them become active citizens.”

Other members of the National Partnership are creating opportunities for cities to support citizenship, such as OneAmerica of Washington State, which helped create the City of Seattle’s Office for Immigrant and Refugee Affairs last year. The new office will promote a citywide culture that understands and values the benefits that all members of our society receive when immigrants and refugee communities are successfully integrated into our civic, economic, and cultural life.

Earlier this month, Chicago Mayor Emanuel (himself the son and grandson of immigrants) announced the Chicago New Americans Initiative with USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas, while hosting the first ever citizenship swearing in ceremony in City Council Chambers. The Chicago New Americans Initiative brings together the State of Illinois and City of Chicago in partnership with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) to offer assistance to thousands of eligible, law abiding, permanent residents in becoming naturalized, U.S. citizens.

“New citizens mean new economic growth and a shared commitment to our Democracy,” said Eva Millona, Co-chair of the Partnership and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA). “An investment in immigrant integration pays dividends not just for immigrants and their families, but for our nation as a whole.”