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Florida Caravan takes the Calle 8 Festival in Miami!

The Caravan for Immigration Reform “Making the Road to Citizenship” arrives in Miami for its grand finale at the Calle 8 Festival, to raise awareness about the importance of having an immigration reform that provides a real path to citizenship and that keeps families together.

Join us! Don’t forget to bring an orange or white t-shirt!

FL Caravan takes the Calle 8 Festival!

The Florida Caravan started on March 1st in Orlando and Haines City, and traveled through Tampa, Immokalee, West Palm Beach and many other cities. It is part of the National Bus Tour “Keeping Families Together” that is taking place in 19 states and over 90 cities.

After 10 days on the road throughout different parts of Florida (see pictures), the caravan riders will join hundreds of Latinos and other community members on a march through Little Havana that will end at the street festival.

We will call on Senator Rubio and all Members of Congress to say yes to a path to citizenship. We will also invite personalities and artists in the Latino community such as Willy Chirino, Elvis Crespo and others to join their fans in saying yes to immigration reform.

This is an initiative of the Say Yes campaign, a coalition of community and immigrant rights organizations working for a new immigration system that provides a real path to citizenship and keeps Florida’s families together.