For Immediate release: Mar 24, 2023

The Florida Immigrant Coalition Launches “The Florida Way!” Campaign To Highlight the Welcoming & Neighborly Florida We All Aspire To

We push back against the nativist and divisive Florida being intentionally created by some lawmakers and media personalities

FLORIDA – Today the Florida Immigrant Coalition is thrilled to launch “The Florida Way!”, a campaign designed to uplift the true values that define Floridians. 

The campaign is a $70,000 effort that will be seen and heard by Floridians across four media markets: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami-Dade; on radio, CTV, and social media.

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For generations, Florida has been a welcoming home for families, workers, and unaccompanied migrant children in search of a better life. Our churches, mosques, and temples are a beacon of hope for many Floridians, no matter what country they were born in. In the 60s, Operation Pedro Pan brought thousands of unaccompanied Cuban migrant children into our state where our communities welcomed them with open arms. We are good neighbors and we care for those who need our help. That's the Florida Way!

The real Florida Way is about being welcoming, neighborly, and supportive of all who call Florida home.

On the other hand, Governor Ron DeSantis and his legislature are leading the way in turning back the clock on human rights and descending us into a state where residents live in fear of a government that overreaches into every corner of their lives. They are crafting bills to create a state of surveillance and persecution, not just for immigrants who live in Florida, but for U.S. citizens as well. This is a FREEDOM issue. The state is mandating who you can and cannot love, allow into your place of worship, business or home; who you and your family can befriend, and how to interact with your neighbors, friends, and family who are immigrants in our state.

Together, we denounce the hateful and harmful policies that do not reflect the true values of Floridians.

Adriana Rivera