Lame Duck Offers Congress Last Chance to Deliver on Immigration

As the 117th Congress begins its final session, it’s crucial for Congress to take immediate action to protect immigrants. The Florida Immigrant Coalition, as part of FIRM Action, is urging members of Congress to enact permanent protections for as many people as possible. They must work together across the aisle, to address the urgent need our immigrant communities are facing before the end of the year. Our strength as a country is greater when we welcome newcomers. Immigrants are an essential part of our communities—as our classmates, colleagues, neighbors, and friends. Almost 3 out of every 4 undocumented immigrants perform essential work, from caring for elderly Americans and children to putting food on our tables. The time for Congress to act is now. Congress must recognize that our strength as a country has always been greater when we choose to welcome.

Tessa Petit, Executive Director of The Florida Immigrant Coalition stated:

“When then-presidential candidate, Joe Biden, came to Miami, to Little Haiti, asking for our community’s support, we obliged. We were proud to stand with a candidate who spoke of the value and inherent humanity of us all, and of the contributions of immigrants to the country. We are now asking the administration to stand with us! And we are demanding our representatives in Congress do what this country is known for-- being a beacon of hope and a safe-harbor for those seeking democracy, security, and opportunities. In order to heal the soul of the nation, we must show political courage to do what is morally right. Families are once again knocking at our door fleeing for their lives and we must do the right thing or we must stop dealing in platitudes that only amount to unkept promises. This is the moment!”

Executive Director of Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC) and Co-Chair of FIRM Action Andy Kang said:

“Congress and President Biden have an opportunity to deliver relief to our immigrant communities in these next few weeks. The undeniable truth is that our undocumented loved ones and neighbors are integral to America's success and Congress has for far too long failed to honor that fact by delivering results. Quite simply, America needs real progress on immigration to restore trust in our political leaders and help break through all of the misinformation and noise. This November, a large majority of Pennsylvania voters strongly rejected toxic anti-immigrant political messaging and it should signal to Congress and President Biden that they must act with more courage and urgency to deliver for American families who continue to live in a perpetual state of limbo and fear. Relief must be delivered by the end of the year. Real lives are at stake.”

The Florida Immigrant Coalition Launches “Choose Welcome” Campaign to Bolster Communities Welcoming Immigrants and Reject Politicians Playing Games with Lives of People Seeking Safety

WHO: Tessa Petit, Co-Executive Director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition
Ade Ferro, President of the Venezuelan-American Caucus
Paul Christian Namphy, Political Director, Family Action Network Movement
Eric Knowles, President and CEO of the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce
Guadalupe De La Cruz, American Friends Service Committee

WHEN: Friday, Nov 18th at 11am

WHERE: Family Action Network Movement Office, 100 NE 84th St, Miami, FL 33137
MIAMI, FL— The Florida Immigrant Coalition has partnered with Families Belong Together, Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP), National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), Amnesty International, Community Change, Local Progress, and Family Action Network Movement to launch the #ChooseWelcome campaign, a nationwide initiative inviting individuals, organizations, and elected officials to pledge to stand on the side of welcome as vulnerable people seek safety in their communities. 

The campaign comes at a time when politicians including Governors Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have used families, children, and vulnerable people for their political gain, sending them out of their states on buses or flights to Martha’s Vineyard, Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago. In these cities, everyday people have seen a need, recognized their capacity to help, and have chosen to welcome them.

ChooseWelcome will help build collective support for welcoming at a time when it's most needed. 

The campaign is uniting individuals, faith groups, business leaders, community-led organizations, and elected officials to reject cruelty and be part of building a compassionate welcome system. A public pledge on the website allows individuals and organizations to join the campaign’s network, be displayed on a national map, and receive information and regular updates on how to get and stay involved. So far, 1,591 people have signed the #ChooseWelcome pledge. 

The campaign welcomes anyone across the U.S. to pledge their support by signing the pledge and showing that we will always #ChooseWelcome.