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Guatemalan-Maya Center (GMC)



The Guatemalan Maya Center offers its services to everyone in need. Their various programs serve an incredibly diverse clientele which includes people of all ages, from almost every continent, and living all throughout the South Florida area.

Their programs and staff are all geared towards making the center a safe and welcoming place to all who seek our services. They are specialized in translation for the large variety of indigenous Mayan cultures and languages that walk through our doors every day.

History – Fr. Frank O’Loughlin happened to be the parish priest among the migrant workers in Indiantown when the first refugees from the Guatemalan war on the indigenous appeared in the early ’80s among the labor force. He became fast friends with the people, and as there was worldwide horror at the massacres, good people gathered to work on their asylum applications. Our State Department was in a tactical denial of the genocidal assault of the Guatemalan military, so asylum was denied, and at the same time, nobody was repatriated to the certain death. Eventually, in 1986, we qualified the unfortunates for legal residence as laborers necessary to the agricultural industry.

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Phone: (561) 547-0085
Address: 430 North G Street, Lake Worth, FL 33460

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