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Gainsville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice

Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice

Founded: 2010

FLIC Member Since: 2010

Members: The IAIJ is comprised of a network of local synagogues, mosques, churches, fellowships, and religious leaders from various denominations, along with student groups, farmworker organizations, and political and academic leaders .

The IAIJ came together to study about, educate the community on, and work towards a just solution for our local and national immigration crisis. The goal of the IAIJ is to be a strategic organizing bridge that connects communities of faith and culture with the always-changing, fast-paced U.S. immigrant justice movement, which is primarily led by immigrant young people;To be sustainable, effective, and growing, our connections must involve: understanding, which comes through ongoing education, dialogue, and relationship; commitment to faith-based goals related to immigrant justice and to our alliance covenant; and readiness for unified action, which is unstoppable when a network of committed, autonomous communities are equipped with the same understanding, basic tools, and mobilization plan.

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Phone: Richard (352-371-6772) or Sheila (831-334-0117)
Address: 1504 West University Avenue, Gainesville, FL

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