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Coalition of Immokalee Workers

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Founded in: 1993

Members: Farmworkers

FLIC Member since: 2010

The CIW is a community-based organization of mainly Latino, Mayan Indian and Haitian immigrants working in low-wage jobs throughout the state of Florida.

We strive to build our strength as a community on a basis of reflection and analysis, constant attention to coalition-building across ethnic divisions, and an ongoing investment in leadership development to help our members continually develop their skills in community education and organization.

We fight for, among other things: a fair wage for work, more respect on the part of our bosses and industries, better and cheaper housing, stronger laws and stronger enforcement against those who violate workers’ rights, the right to organize on our jobs without fear of retaliation, and an end to involuntary servitude in the fields.

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Phone: 239-657-1776
Address: 110 South 2nd Street Immokalee, FL 34142

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