Community Services: Building a Culture of Care

Since its formal incorporation, FLIC has been a catalyst for change. We build power by uplifting our communities through comprehensive campaigns, programs, and services infrastructure.

Our local, state and national campaigns seek to shape representative and accountable governance. Our victories include college in-state tuition for undocumented students and strong wage theft ordinances to protect workers. We fearlessly resisted and successfully blocked various legislative attempts to advance an anti-immigrant agenda in Florida. We continue to advance a collective and inclusive vision of governance, with policies that expand rights and freedoms and not undermine them.

Our programs are designed to build the capacity of member organizations and individuals, to raise consciousness and nurture connectivity. More than 6,000 permanent residents became Naturalized Citizens with FLIC’s support, and close to 60,000 new voters in Florida were registered by FLIC. We provide dozens of scholarships for National gatherings each year, and our members access a comprehensive political education and leadership building curriculum through the University Without Walls and The Rising Tide.

Our services are also a key element of our work. Our 1-888-600-5762 Hotline continues to be a life-line for our communities, processing more than 5,000 calls a year. The Protect the People clinics provide pro-bono legal support, and over 260,000 people participated in a “Know Your Rights” in the last few years. We also host multiple English Innovation course sessions each year and provide language justice support to our community as needed and as possible. In 2020 we also launched the Essential but Excluded Fund, a mutual-aid initiative that is providing emergency cash assistance to immigrant families impacted by Covid-19.

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