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Immigration Reform

Say Yes to a New Immigration System!

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SayYesHandLogoWebIn 2011, Floridians stood up to say “We are Florida!” and we don’t want anti-immigrant laws in the sunshine state.

This year, we stand up to Say Yes to a new immigration system that keeps our families together and provides a real and inclusive path to citizenship.

We need Federal Immigration Reform that:

1. Provides a Roadmap to Citizenship: we want a new immigration system that gives New Americans a long awaited roadmap to citizenship in the nation they spent their lives building.

2.   Keeps Families Together: We don’t want our taxpayer dollars be used for unjustly detain, deport and separate millions of New Americans from their American families.  Our immigration system should commit to reunifying families that have been wrongfully torn apart.

3.  Protects the Rights for All Workers, Business Owners and Consumers: We want a new immigration system to build a stronger economy that doesn’t rely on overcharging, underpaying and poorly treating any worker, small business owner or consumer


Join the Florida Caravan “Making the Road to Citizenship”, March 1-10

Send a message to your Members of Congress

Share your immigration story: call 1-855-236-1494 or post a picture or a video here.
Check out the faces of people who SAY YES (photo gallery):