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CIW Burger King March Nov. 30, 2007

Farmworkers make up the largest sector of FLIC.  Our Farmworker Caucus fights to improve the lives of farmworkers. Among immigrants, farmworkers face particular problems, including pesticide exposure, limited access to education, limited access to health care, unfair wages, and discrimination.

Depending on the season, many farmworkers migrate from state to state looking for agricultural work, leading to instability.  Farmworkers also face problems typical of other immigrants, including racist immigration policies, police/ICE persecution, arbitrary detentions, and family separations.

Members of the Caucus work on different aspects of farmworkers’ lives, including anti-slavery work, fair wages, pesticide trainings, civic engagement, know-your-rights trainings and immigration reform.

Members of the Campesino Caucus: