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FL Immigrant Youth Network in Central Florida

FL Immigrant Youth Network in Central Florida, January 2013.


The Florida Immigrant Youth Network is an unincorporated, informal association of immigrant youth across the state of Florida.  We elect a statewide Steering Committee that serves for 1 year to ensure collaboration and sharing of knowledge and resources among immigrant youth across Florida.

FLIYN is a member of FLIC, with a student representative on FLIC’s Board.

SWER Keep Families Together Education Not Deportation

Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER)

Students Working for Equal Rights is more than an organization. Our network of undocumented youth and their peers was founded to lift the voices of undocumented young people, support them in developing bold strategy for social change, and to create a new type of family that sticks together to fight for our individual and collective liberation from oppression. This organization is for you if you are undocumented and have ever felt alone and wanted to be around friends who want to do something about the problems we face.

SWER began as a youth program of FLIC in 2005 and continues to be fiscally sponsored by the coalition.  Over the years, SWER has grown in maturity and aims to one day become an independent youth nonprofit that creates a leadership pipeline for high school and college youth that want to permanently change their communities for the better.

Members of the Florida Immigrant Youth Network (FLIYN):