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Access to College

Many of our members are current or former undocumented students, so we understand how hard it is for you to find a way to enroll in or even pay for college or university.  It hasn’t been easy for most of our youth, either.  But by joining a network of support, our youth members have motivated each other to never give up.

All you need to do is believe in yourself and never forget your dream.  Maybe you won’t graduate at the same time as your classmates, but together we have made sure that all of our youth get to graduation instead of losing hope and dropping out.  We want you to succeed as much as we wish it for our youth leaders!


As of July 1st, 2014, all Florida graduates, including undocumented students, will be eligible to pay in-state tuition at local colleges and universities. The Florida Legislature passed a bill that establishes additional residency requirements by which a student may be eligible for in-state tuition. Under this bill, a state university, colleges, career centers operated by a school district, and a charter technical career center may waive out-of-state fees to undocumented students.

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Please call our Hotline if you have any question. 1-888-600-5762


If someone ever told you that you are not allowed to get any scholarships because you are undocumented, they lied!  While it is true that you are not allowed to get government money for your education through FAFSA, you definitely can get private scholarships. There are thousands of private scholarships out there that you can apply for.

Here is one of the best resources for scholarships for undocumented students by MALDEF. Keep in mind that scholarships are on annual cycles, so keep an eye out for deadlines and if an old scholarship from last year is now open again this year.