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Detention Materials

We are committed to supporting our members and allies’ capacities to fight against the perpetual criminalization that we are faced with everyday. As the polimigra effect continues to catalyze massive amounts of detentions in Florida, we want to equip our communities with materials that can, at a minimum, provide some basic knowledge and information on how to navigate the detention system.


In this manual, you will find basic information on how to launch a public campaign for yourself or for your loved one. This is a very simple guide to follow and includes many valuable links. English and Spanish copies are available electronically for FREE at the links below.

End Deportations CP





We get many requests for legal assistance from loved ones of family members who are detained in detention centers like Krome and BTC. Remember, we are not lawyers and are unable to provide legal assistance. However, the best way for us to help and/or refer you to someone that can provide you with the assistance you need is filling out our intake form.

The intake form serves as a tool not only for organizers to track requests coming in, but for family members to track details of the case. It contains questions that are usually asked by a lawyer and filling it out helps break down the case and family members and loved ones will feel equipped in explaining the legal details to any legal provider.

Remember, filling this form doesn’t guarantee legal assistance and/or support on a public campaign. It is merely a tool to track requests coming into our offices. 

Use the PDF Fillable form for personal use to print out and take with you to any legal consultation. You may additionally send us electronically the PDF form completed. In order to do this, you must have a working email address. The instructions on how to send us your intake form electronically are included in the PDF.

In both cases, whether its a submission online or through the PDF version, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Click on the links below to download intake forms:




if you have questions or inquiries on any of the materials above, please contact Grey at oteam@floridaimmigrant.org