Isabel Vinent Grimany

Chabe (Isabel) is an immigrant from Honduras, daughter of immigrants from Cuba, and wife of an immigrant from El Salvador. At a very early age, 14, she discovered her vocation for social justice in rural Honduras. She earned a Ph.D. in Feminist Popular Education in Spain and has almost 40 years of experience, working with a myriad of grassroots organizations (youth, indigenous, immigrant, womxn, rural) in the US, Mexico, and Central America. She has transitioned from youth organizer to community educator and researcher to immigrant rights advocate, trying to apply Paulo Freire’s praxis into different contexts and fieldwork experiences. She joined FLIC in 2008.

Tessa Petit

Born and raised in Haiti, Tessa has always had a passion for helping others. She moved to the United States in 2001 and worked in social services with the Haitian community and with families experiencing homelessness. While overseeing various shelters, Tessa observed that direct services address symptoms of inequality and that equity and justice will only be realized through structural transformation. She brought her passion for social justice to FLIC in 2016, where she helped to expand direct services in conjunction with issue-advocacy, capacity building and consciousness raising. Tessa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Barry University, and served our coalition as Director of Finance and Operations prior to becoming FLIC's co-Executive Director in 2021. As she co-leads FLIC, Tessa aspires to foster collaboration among Black Immigrants, and to further expand FLIC's civic engagement in a continuum.