Renata Bozzetto

Renata first joined FLIC as a volunteer in 2011, when the We Are Florida campaign was taking shape. Throughout the years, Renata maintained a commitment to social justice and continued to elevate our communities through education, community service, and civic engagement. She has supported initiatives that advance racial justice, women’s rights, economic equity, and participatory politics while serving on multiple boards and committees within different non-profits. Prior to joining FLIC’s team, Renata worked for 9 years as a teaching assistant/instructor in South Florida. She received her MA in Women & Gender Studies from Florida Atlantic University and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology (international migration focus) at Florida International University.

Gamer Al Hassan

Hello, I'm Gamer/Gämer. I migrated from Sudan to Florida when I was five years old. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2020 with a degree in neuropsychology and minors in global health politics and cultural anthropology. For the past 5 years, I've gained experience in full stack development, data analytics, and operations management. I'm passionate about advocacy around drug stigmatization, bioethics, abolition, art, land and environmental justice, and community care. I am excited to build with the organization.