Alexa Roxelin

Born and raised in Nicaragua, Alexa is a graduate of American Nicaraguan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations. Along with her degree, she began developing her professional skills in the audiovisual, digital media, and event production areas. Alexa has been creating content that uplift women's rights, immigrants rights, and art as an activism. Her priorities and ethics in her work are based on respecting nature, promoting culture and pursuing well-being.

Giovanni Bravo Ruiz

Giovanni is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he majored in Modern Languages & Literature. His passion for education and youth leadership development led him to migrate from Puerto Rico to Florida in 2015 seeking a better financial future and opportunities for growth. Based in Orlando, Giovanni served as an Orlando City Year AmeriCorps member in a public high school supporting students in their coursework, behavior, and attendance. Shortly after, he became a full-time English Language Arts educator for 6th graders. Upon seeing the structural and systemic oppression even with the education system, he became a community organizer with Organize Florida to fight alongside others for a better future for all Floridians. After serving as a freelance designer, organizer, and consultant for various local and national organizations, he joined the FLIC team as a digital organizer.

Andres Zambrano

Andres is a graphic designer and part of the FLIC communications team. Born in 1993 in Valencia, Venezuela, he has experience in the field of arts and graphic design. He arrived in the USA in 2017 as a political refugee due to his work as an independent journalist and reporting the realities of his country to the world. He sought in America the opportunity to start over and be free to express his worldview through art and photography.

Adriana Rivera

Adriana is a native of Puerto Rico and has a BA in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico. She has worked in the private and non-profit sectors, bringing forward her knowledge of marketing and communications strategies. Since her debut into political work, she has already been featured in the media as an expert on the Puerto Rican constituency and she was one of the Latinx comms professionals featured in “‘We Are Más’ Top Democratic Latina/Latino Strategists and Communicators in the State of Florida 2020.”She excels in digital marketing and has a passion for social justice, especially when it concerns disadvantaged communities, disparities, and inequities. In her spare time, she likes to teach her skills to others and is passionate about traveling, world cultures, and genealogy.