We Are Florida - Civic Engagement

The Florida Immigrant Coalition “We Are Florida” campaign promotes the legislative priorities for immigrant families and workers in the sunshine state. Each year, FLIC, together with our members and allies mobilize in Tallahassee to remind Florida elected officials that:

  • We are Florida, we are part of this culture, and we work hard to do our part and to contribute: Immigrant workers are vital to our state’s tourism and agriculture industry. We all play a part in contributing to our economy and community. As if that weren’t enough, 42.9% of Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their children and generate over $5.2 billion. We are a welcoming state and we have proven that when we give immigrants an opportunity, our economy thrives and we all benefit. Why would we hurt our economy and stain Florida’s brand with anti-immigrant laws?
  • We are Florida, and we must do better. More than 20% of Floridians are immigrants, and that’s not even counting the children of immigrants born in the United States. Florida succeeds if our immigrant families are supported and protected. It is unacceptable for our legislators to tear immigrant families apart, criminalize black and immigrant workers. Instead, they need to address the issues affecting the lives of millions of Floridians, including immigrants, like expanding access to affordable health care and increasing the minimum wage in a state where nearly 15% of adults and 24% of children are living in poverty to stop more Floridians from falling into poverty.
  • We’re not your scapegoats. Immigrants and refugees refuse to be used as scapegoats and will not be sacrificed in an attempt to gain favors from politicians in Washington. Supporting Florida communities must be the priority for our lawmakers. Anti-immigrant, anti-Latino, anti-Black, and anti-family policies and politics have no room to grow in Florida, and we will not let this happen in our state.
  • Local governments have a responsibility. It is up to local governments to take a stand against extremist politicians and ensure the protection and wellbeing of all members living within their jurisdiction. Local elected officials have the opportunity to lead by example and show how welcoming policies are morally and economically the right thing to do.
  • We are Florida, and we vote! Our voters are passionate and organized. There are important local municipal elections taking place across the state and critical state and national elections in 2020. Every 1 in 5 Florida residents is an immigrant, with more than 2 million voters in the state. Florida’s immigrant and African-American voters will turn out in force in the coming years.
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