Federal Campaign for Immigration Relief

Federal Campaign for Immigration Relief

Lawmakers are soon to make a decision that could change the lives of 11 million undocumented immigrants, and it’s up to us to hold them accountable! The opportunity to finally get a pathway to citizenship for undocumented members of our communities in the budget process  is here. It’s now or never for immigration relief.  Whether you’re an immigrant yourself, the child or grandchild of immigrants, or an ally to immigrants, your support is needed now!

We’re giving it all we’ve got! Are you ready to take action?

Share your immigration story with us.  Your voice can bring home the urgency of this moment.

Sign your name to show your support for keeping families together and safe, and bringing relief to millions of people who live in fear. 


Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Rick Scott, have repeatedly said they support DACA recipients, TPS recipients, and farmworkers but when legislation that would give immigrant communities a path to citizenship is proposed, they refuse to take action! We are tired of our Florida Senators talking the talk but never walking the walk. Senators Rubio and Scott, you must do what is right and stand with immigrants, farmworkers, DACA and TPS recipients and their families. We, as your constituents, demand it!

Call Senator Marco Rubio! (202)224-3041

Call Senator Rick Scott! (202) 224-5274

Miguel in Homestead, Eli in Apopka, Azucena in Tallahassee and 249,997 other Floridians are counting on you. Keeping them as second class citizens is bad for our economy, our values, and our democracy. Take action today!


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