Federal Campaign for Immigration Relief

Lawmakers are soon to make a decision that could change the lives of 11 million undocumented immigrants, and it’s up to us to hold them accountable! The opportunity to finally get a pathway to citizenship for undocumented members of our communities in the budget process is here. It’s now or never for immigration relief. Whether you’re an immigrant yourself, the child or grandchild of immigrants, or an ally to immigrants, your support is needed now!

We’re giving it all we’ve got! Are you ready to take action?

As we saw, recently the congressional Parliamentarian has reached a decision that is unfavorable to our cause. She has ruled against our movement in her first ruling. While the Parliamentarian has reached a decision on one approach, Congress needs to move forward with an alternative approach. There are many who have committed to do so, and we will hold them to it.

Let’s continue pushing for this historical win which is now WITHIN REACH!

We invite you to ask Representative Stephanie Murphy to stop obstructing the passage of the Build Back Better package, which would give citizenship to millions of immigrants including essential immigrant workers who have held up our country during the pandemic. Let her know how you feel using the following message:

“Representative Murphy, as a constituent of the great state of Florida, I am proud to celebrate the passing of the budget resolution that includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants, including essential workers, farmworkers, and TPS and DACA recipients across the country. I implore you to get onboard with the passing of the Build Back Better package, including its provisions on immigration. It is time that immigrants in our state get the respect and dignity they deserve. Their contributions to our society are monumental. My household will be watching what you do next.”

(202) 225-4035
Federal Campaign for Immigration Relief
Miguel in Homestead, Eli in Apopka, Azucena in Tallahassee and 249,997 other Floridians are counting on you. Keeping them as second class citizens is bad for our economy, our values, and our democracy. Take action today!
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The roadmap to citizenship via reconcialiation

The budget resolution is included in the reconciliation package’s blueprint
Senate Vote-a-Rama: $107B is allocated to immigration relief
House Votes on Budget Resolution - IT PASSED!
Negotiations on Policy Details Begin - Both chambers negotiate details on the package such as who will benefit and how they can apply
Final Reconciliation Package Goes to Both Chambers for a vote
House Votes on Budget Resolution Again
We are here!
The Parliamentarian makes her recommendation on adding Citizenship to the Reconciliation Bill
House and Senate Vote on the Package
It gets delivered to President Biden for signature
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