Become a Citizen

Become a Citizen

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We provide free or low-cost assistance to Legal Permanent Residents

Immigrants must overcome various barriers in order to attain full rights in our country, and Naturalization is a significant step within this process. Naturalized immigrants are protected from deportation, can register to vote, and can apply for federal jobs.

Florida is home to 1.2 million Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) and about 830,000 were already eligible for citizenship in 2019. Unfortunately, less than 15% completed their naturalization, mainly because they cannot afford application fees and legal costs.

FLIC’s citizenship program provides free or low-cost assistance to Legal Permanent Residents. We host monthly Naturalization Clinics at our Miami office and provide on-going support through the CitizenshipWorks portal.

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You can apply for citizenship if:

  • You have been a legal permanent resident (with a green card) for at least 5 years
  • You are married to a U.S. citizen and have been a legal permanent resident for at least 3 years.
  • You are in the military, or if your spouse or parents are in the military.
  • Any of your parents is a U.S. citizen.

How to apply:

Visit our CitizenshipWorks portal today to initiate your application or contact our 1-888-600-5762 Hotline to learn about upcoming naturalization events.
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