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Miami-Dade County Commission Commits to Drafting Resolution in Support of DAPA & DACA

On the day that DAPA was expected to be implemented, immigrant families and advocates asked local governments to pass resolutions supporting Deferred Action for 253,000 Floridians

Miami, FL – On May 19th, the day that Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) was expected to be implemented, immigrant families and community advocates throughout Florida took action to defend President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration.

051915_Day of Atcion Defend DAPA_MD DelegationA delegation of undocumented mothers, workers and other communiy members shared their stories in front of the Miami-Dade County Commission and formally asked the Board to pass a resolution in support of the Deferred Action programs that could protect approximately 253,000 Floridians. Commission Chair Jean Monestime thanked the delegation and directed the County Attorney to draft a resolution, considering that 50,000 of the potential beneficiaries live in Miami-Dade alone.

“Even though we are very sad because today we should have been standing in line, ready to apply for deferred action, and instead we had to continue fighting. But I feel positive, because I know that the Commissioners won’t turn their back on us,” says Bertha Sanles, a leader of United Families and an undocumented mother of a U.S. citizen and a DREAMer. Bertha gave her testimony after the Commission talked extensively about the words “in god we trust”, “I told them, in god we trust that you are going to make the best decision for our families and community.”

A second delegation of immigrant mothers and community members visited the Broward County Commission to ask for their support by also drafting a resolution. Additionally, Floridians from all over the state took action by calling and emailing local elected officials in other counties and cities, with the same ask.

The South Florida delegations included: United Families, Miami Workers Center, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Haitian Women of Miami, Dreamer’s Moms, National Domestic Workers Alliance, SEIU Florida and other members of the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

After North Miami and Tampa signed an Amicus Brief in support of Administrative Relief for millions of immigrant families, the city of Kissimmee recenlty passed a resolution in support. Miami-Dade should be next.