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Keep Families Together & Out of Harm’s Way

Executive Action demanded to stop murders and the deportation of our families

Miami, FL – As the community in Ferguson stands up for justice and against militarization and police brutality, immigrant communities throughout the country stand in solidarity and raise their voices against criminalization.

Today, August 28th, Maria Rodriguez, Executive Director, shared the following statement on behalf of the Board of the Florida Immigrant Coalition on the National Day of Action Against Deportations.

“From various corners of Florida, the immigrant rights movement sends our deepest love, strength and solidarity to Michael Brown’s family and the Ferguson community. We join you in demanding federal action to stop the murders as we take our own action to stop the deportations. In fact, we stand in unwavering solidarity with all families who have to endure a system of racism, criminalization and abuse of power. We know all too well the brutality, not just of poverty, but of a machinery that destroys us, incarcerates us for not being able to get a driver’s licenses and leaves one thousand widows and orphans daily, victims of unfair deportation, discarding us as if we were disposable people.

Our struggles are distinct, but connected, and our movements are different but related. History shows us they must be one, they must be won!

Trayvon Martin with his bag of skittles, Israel ‘Reefa’ Hernandez on his skateboard, and Michael Brown on his way to college; these are not isolated murders, not single or rogue aberrations, but an alarming practice and pattern that becomes a system. It fundamentally disregards the lives of poor people, especially people of color. Whether mass incarceration or mass deportation, destruction of people by our government in a systematic way is wrong. It’s sick. It’s racism. We can do better!

The images in the past few months have been unbearable; not just in Missouri. The pain, rage and tears of mothers, fathers and children at the border, in Gaza and in Ferguson, are all connected. Children fleeing violence, warehoused in cages at the border, children under military occupation dodging missiles, and children gunned down close range by police is wrong. At the hands of an occupying army, ‘la migra’ or police, we will not accept the notion of children, our children, as collateral damage. All children deserve our love and protection.

The good news is we are connecting the dots and getting the big picture, changing the landscape. Learning from history,we pledge to partner with those with courageous hearts, sharp minds and strong ovaries ready for bold and creative actions to rescue our shared values,

Together we will interrupt the cycle of criminalization, the school to prison pipeline, the abuse of power and the profiteering of prisons. Day by day our families are building a true democracy where we can all freely create, study, work, play, and love without fear. Because our dreams, our families and our lives matter.”

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