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House of Representatives: A path to citizenship or a path to prisons?

The Arizona-style “SAFE Act” approved by the House Judiciary Committee attempts to sabotage Immigration Reform for America

Miami, FL – Last night, the House Judiciary Committee surprisingly passed the “SAFE Act”, a piece-meal legislation that looks more like an outdated nationwide version of Arizona’s SB-1070 than anything related to immigration reform. South Floridians believe that the SAFE Act is a clear sign that an extreme minority of the House of Representatives is out of touch and attempting to sabotage any chance of immigration reform in America. They urge the Gang of 7 to introduce their bipartisan bill that offers a real path forward.

“If the House keeps passing ‘HATE’ Acts instead of real reform, immigration reform will be dead,” says Jonathan Fried, Executive Director for We Count! “Voters and America have said over and over again that they want comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and that they want it this year. Instead, the House keeps giving us political games and hateful anti-immigrant bills that only provide a path to prison for millions of immigrant families.”

The SAFE Act would make Arizona’s SB 1070 a nationwide law and bring back Sensenbrenner’s bill from 2005 that sparked some of the largest protests in U.S. history. Instead of providing a path to citizenship for millions of New Americans, it would instill fear among immigrant communities and provide a path to prison for aspiring Americans and any U.S. citizen who provides any assistance to them.

This is not immigration reform; it is another attempt to exacerbate the problem we already have. This should increase the sense of urgency for the Gang of 7 to file its bipartisan comprehensive immigration bill with a path to citizenship,” says Sarai Portillo from the Miami Workers Center. “Otherwise, the House will be sending a clear message that they don’t care about the will of the majority of Americans, immigration reform and the Latino vote.” 

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