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Cong. Webster Says Yes to Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship

Florida groups and advocates call on other Republican Representatives to be on the right side of history


Miami, FL – After months of hearing from diverse constituent groups, today, the Orlando Sentinel released an article informing that Congressman Daniel Webster (FL CD 10) had finally voiced a position of support for immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

This announcement comes as efforts are escalating in Rep. Webster’s District 10, where community members and out-of-state organizers were doubling outreach to voters, business owners and faith leaders to reach out to their Congressman. Diverse groups and sectors, as part of the Say Yes to Citizenship campaign, have been visiting and contacting Representative Webster since last December for his support. His response came just as local groups ramped up pressure in view that the August recess had arrived and members of the GOP controlled House were coming back empty-handed into a district where 81% of the voters want action on reform this year.

The following is a statement from Central Florida members of the Say Yes to Citizenship campaign:

“Rep. Webster’s words in favor of Immigration Reform with an earned path to citizenship confirm that the tide keeps turning towards acknowledging and accepting the value of immigrants and immigration, and away from intolerance and exclusion. We welcome this  as a sign that sectors of the Republican Party can move forward and see that reform is good for our families, the economy and their political future.

With this announcement, Rep. Webster not only joins a growing coalition of pro-reform Republican Congressional leaders and donors, but also sets an example as the first non-Hispanic Republican in Florida to openly support a pathway to citizenship.

This is the moral, right and smart thing to do. The future of millions of families, the well being of Florida’s agriculture and tourism industries (the pillars of our state’s economy), and the relevance of the Republican Party are at stake when talking about immigration reform in the Sunshine state.

We are counting on Congressman Webster to urge the House leadership to bring a path to citizenship up for vote as soon as August recess is over. The American public expects and deserves a vote.

Meanwhile, we will continue working to turn the tide in the Sunshine State by engaging voters, business owners and diverse sectors in Rep. Webster’s and other key districts in Florida. Step by step, our elected officials are beginning to understand the changing demographics of our country are going to continue defining who we are as a Nation.

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 Members of the Say Yes Campaign in Congressional District 10 include Mi Familia Vota, Florida New Majority, Organizing for America, UNITE HERE Locals 737 and 362, Service Employees International Union, Dreamers’ Moms and the members of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, which include YAYA/National Farmworkers Ministry, Farmworker Association of Florida, Young American Dreamers, Centro Campesino, Hope Community Center, among others.