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Caravan for Immigration Reform visits Sen. Rubio in Tampa, Deliver 2,300 Petitions


Florida Caravan for Immigration Reform visits Sen. Marco Rubio’s office in Tampa 

Undocumented families, farmworkers, Dreamers and community members thank Sen. Rubio’s leadership on immigration and ask for his full support on a path to citizenship

WHAT:             Press Conference and Delivery of Petitions

WHEN:             Wednesday, March 6th at 12:30 p.m.

WHERE:           Office of Sen. Marco Rubio, 3802 Spectrum Blvd. Tampa, FL

WHO:               Florida Immigrant Coalition, Dominican Association of Tampa, Hispanic Services Council of Tampa, PMM Group, Casa Chiapas, Unitarian Universalist Church, La Unidad Latina and community members

Visuals:            Official Say Yes van, signs, giant puppets, advertising truck

Tampa, FL – Right after Florida’s former Governor Jeb Bush launches his new book and says no to an immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants, the Florida Caravan “Making the Road to Citizenship” stops to visit Sen. Marco Rubio’s office in Tampa to ask for his support. This is part of the National Bus Tour “Keeping Families Together” that is taking place in 19 states and over 90 cities across the country.

The caravan riders will deliver a petition done by Reform Immigration for America, and signed by more than 2,300 Floridians asking him to support a fair pathway to citizenship.

You of all people who ran as the child of immigrant should understand more than many of us how important it is for this nation to create immigration reform that will include a pathway to citizenship for millions of people who have been working in this country for years. It is unconscionable for us to happily allow these people to work at harvesting our food (for meager wages, I might add) and never create a way for them to become citizens,” says Rev. Kathlyn Gilpin, from Bradenton, FL, one of the signees.

The caravan riders will be joined by immigrant families and other community members from Tampa, as well as a by a delegation from Collier County bringing puppets to educate the community.

 “We thank Sen. Rubio’s leadership in pushing for a bipartisan effort on immigration reform,” says Juan Rodriguez from the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “He can be the one to Say Yes to a real and fair path to citizenship, unlike our former Governor Jeb Bush who slammed the door in our face and said NO to Florida’s aspiring Americans.



The Florida Caravan started on March 1st in Orlando and Haines City, and will end in Miami on March 10th at the Calle 8 Festival. It is part of the Say Yes campaign, a coalition of community and immigrants rights organizations working for a new immigration system that provides a real path to citizenship and keeps Florida’s families together.

 For more information visit www.floridaimmigrant.org and www.facebook.com/SayYesToCitizenship