FLIC Congress 2023

Join us at FLIC Congress 2023: Leading ‘The Florida Way!’

We are excited because after 3 years of virtual congresses, this year our signature event will be in person! We are looking forward to bringing the community back together at this year’s FLIC Congress. This is a space where we gather, learn, share, and build intersectional community with all of you who are leading The Florida Way!

FLIC Congress 2023: Leading ‘The Florida Way!’ is taking a place in Central Florida from Friday, September 29th to Sunday, October 1st.​​

We aspire for a Florida in which communities thrive, affirming and cherishing our diversity, our talents, our unbound potential, and commitment to one another. This is The Florida Way.

During FLIC Congress we gather, learn, share, and build community with immigrants and allies who are leading The Florida Way towards our vision of making our state a true home for all.

This is not an ordinary year - Floridians are facing tremendous attacks from a corrupt government that is not afraid to represent the interests of a hateful few. Laws limiting healthcare access, censoring education, and putting youth in harmful situations have been championed by our Governor and his allied majority. We’re called to lead, and we must lead in love and power, towards the Florida that we aspire and deserve. Our bigger we, together, leading The Florida Way.

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September 29th - October 1st



Central Florida (the address will be provided once you secure your spot).
This is an in-person only event. While we want everyone to participate, due to the complex logistics of such a massive event, there will be no option for Zoom or virtual attendance.

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If you belong to an organization that is an active member of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, your organization has the right to VOTE at FLIC’s General Assembly. You can also nominate a member of your organization to join our Board of Directors! Do you have someone in mind? If you are voted in by our incredible membership you will take the next step in FLIC’s collective leadership.
FLIC’s individual members can join in FLIC Congress and participate in all of our capacity-building and strategy workshops. Individual members also participate in our elections by voting as a caucus. If you are not a FLIC member yet, then what are you waiting for?! Become a part of this powerful community of freedom fighters today!