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Help Rosa! Detained for being a passenger in a car

Rosa needs to pay $9K in bond tomorrow

Rosa Lainez Alvarado, 48, mother of two, is a hard-working Honduran woman, and has been detained in Broward Transitional Center (BTC) for 80 days for being merely a passenger in the car.  She is one of more than 60 cases that are being held in this private detention center while being a low-priority case.

Help Rosa! She can be released if she pays $9,000 in bond tomorrow

The driver was pulled over for expired license plate tags and Miami Police not only took the driver into immigration custody, but the 4 other passengers in the car, including Rosa.

Rosa and her husband Javier have lived in the country for 10 years. Being one of the breadwinners of the family, Rosa is responsible for not only her husband and herself, but also for her two adult children living in Honduras. With her financial support, her kids stay afloat. What’s worse about all of this is the fact that Rosa has no previous criminal history. This is the first time she has been faced with a situation like this. 

Now, Rosa needs our help. She has been given the chance to bond out of BTC but her husband has only come up with 2,000 towards the total of 9,000. With the support of our community, we can get Rosa out and back to her loving husband and children.

Please help Rosa now so she can be back with her family!

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