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Obama: End S-Comm now!

Latinos in Miami protest Obama’s massive deportation program. Thousands rally nationwide. 

Today, we held a rally at the Miami-Dade county Democratic Party headquarters as part of a National Day of Action against ICE’s so-called “Secure Communities” (S-Comm) deportation program. Thousands also rallied in 9 other cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Charlotte and Boston.

Immigrants in the US, especially Latinos, find outraging that over 1 million immigrants have been deported under President Obama’s watch, the largest amount of deportations in American history.

We delivered a copy of a national authoritative report, made public today, condemning S-Comm and recommending its termination.

The report – Restoring Community: A National Community Advisory Report on ICE’s Failed “Secure Communities” Program – shows the reality of what S-Comm is causing in our communities: encourages racial profiling, criminalizes immigrants, affect police-community relations and separates families.

Victims of Secure Communities are featured in this report, and three of them are from South Florida. Like Reina, whose husband was deported just two months ago from Miami-Dade County after being stopped for a minor traffic violation, leaving her and her US-citizen children behind. She was present today at the rally and shared her story with us and the media. After loosing her husband, Reina has to work harder to sustain her family, but she is afraid of driving or asking for job because she might end up arrested and deported. “What would happen to my children? Who will take care of them then”, said Reina.

Together with SWER, We Count, NDLON and Presente.org, we delivered over 35,000 petitions (including 1,500 Floridians) asking President Obama to STOP S-Comm now!

Take a look at more pictures from our action today here

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